Raw Food Diet

Raw food diet

Why isn’t meat alone  a sufficient diet?

Meat is a good source of energy and many nutrients including iron, some B vitamins, protein and fat. It is however deficient in iodine, vitamins A & D, and has the incorrect Calcium to phosphorus ratio. Hence animals, especially growing ones, fed meat as the sole or major part of their diet are at risk of developing bone disease, obesity as well as problems with the kidneys and liver. Many people mistake the “raw food diet” as just a majority of raw chicken or meat, however, a proper “raw food diet” takes knowledge and is very time consuming to prepare including blending, cooking, very specific day by day ingredients and the adding of particular vitamins and minerals to maintain a completely balanced diet.

The Raw food Diet A.K.A The Barf Diet

This is a suitable diet for your dog ONLY if done properly and consistently.

You will require:

  •  Time (and lots of it)
  • Patience
  • A blender
  • A large variety of fresh ingredients
  • Ability to measure ingredients accurately to get the correct ratio of nutrients


Use the BARF recipe and stick to it (do not get creative ).  Do not omit any ingredients.  Do not add any ingredients.

Ingredients needed:

  •  Raw meaty bonesRaw food diet 2
  • Organ meat such as liver, kidney and heart
  • Crushed fruit and vegetable material
  • A supplement to replace the digestive enzymes in stomach contents (yoghurt, eggs, cottage cheeses, essential fatty acid capsules, cod liver oil, garlic, crushed flaxseed, B complex  tablets and kelp tables (or powder)


Notes to Remember

The BARF diet is not just your old leftovers.  It is a scientifically formulated diet to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements.

If you can not do it properly, PLEASE, don’t do it at all!

  •  Do not use raw pork and only feed one type of meat at a time (that is don’t mix chicken and beef together)
  • Process or juice veggies and fruit thoroughly
  • Fat and meat should be raw
  • Do not add any form of grain (eg pasta, rice)
  • Do not add any commercial dog food
  • Do not use fish as it is low in thiamine and vitamin E.
  • Do not increase meat portion as meat is very low in calcium and high in phosphorous.  Correct ratio Ca:P is important to bone growth and development.
  • Do not leave out Liver and Offal as they are important for vitamins- particularly vitamin A.
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