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At Menai Animal Hospital it is important to us that we can offer your pets the best care possible. This includes giving you the knowledge you need to make the best decisions at home. From information311399_10150297108596261_1162199756_n about what to do on the first night with your new furry friend all the way to senior care, we have you covered.

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General treatment recommendations for Dogs & Cats.

Our pets can’t speak, they cannot tell us if they feel off colour or unwell or have any other indicators of internal illness. We need to routinely examine them  as well as run  routine screening tests to detect underlying disease BEFORE it is clinically apparent.
Pets will actively mask signs of illness until late in the course of disease. This stems from survival instincts in a pack or colony situation.

Use the age chart below to find your pets age in “people” years and the screen testing recommended for each stage of his or her life.

We believe the following tests give us the best chance of helping your pets live longer, healthier lives.

Blue/Lilac      Every 12 months – Urine and  faeces test

Green             Every 12 months – Blood test and Urine test

Gold              Every 12 months – Blood test (a more comprehensive internal organ screen

including Thyroid testing, electrolytes and red and white cell counts) and urine test and

blood pressure check.

Red                Every  6 months – Blood test (a more comprehensive interal organ screen

including  Thyriod testing, electrolytes and red and white cell counts) and urine test and

blood pressure check.






*These scales are courtesy of Idexx Laboratories Australia.

If you have questions about anything you find here, contact us and speak to one of our nurses. We will do our best to help you through any problems you encounter.

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