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Store A Collection of Useful Pet Health Products

Store A Collection of Useful Pet Health Products

Below is a small selection of our products available for online ordering. A flat shipping & handling cost of $8 is applied to all orders. After adding an item to your cart, you can click the ‘continue shopping’ link in the top-right corner of the PayPal cart page if you wish to return and add additional products. To ensure your order is placed successfully, please check your email after ordering for payment confirmation. While we will do our best to ensure all products remain in stock, in the case that an item is unavailable we will contact you by the phone number that you provide in the PayPal checkout process to discuss availability or alternatives. For inquiries about any other products, please visit us or contact our team on (02) 9541 1455 to arrange an order with local pickup from our clinic. 


Vetrap Bandaging Tape (10cm)

The professional choice for successful procedures. Vetrap™ bandaging tape is strong, conformable, convenient to use and comes in a wide range of colours and sizes. Vetrap™ bandaging tape is the world’s first and leading brand of flexible adherent wrap for the support and protection of all animals – great and small.

Price $8.00

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Virbac Cetrigen (100g)

  • Formulated to treat cuts, scrapes and superficial wounds.
  • Registered for use on all animals making it a versatile treatment option.
  • Ideal as a first line defence for emergency medicine or as a maintenance product to protect wounds during healing.
  • Two powerful insecticides repel insects, protecting from insect associated damage.

Price $28.00

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Artificial Insemination Kit

The AI Kit contains:

  • End cone (plastic sheath) to collect semen.
  • Semen safe syringe (5mL).
  • Catheter for insertion into vagina to inseminate.
  • Glove for handler to stimulate feathering in vulva to improve movement of sperm up vaginal tract.

Price $63.80

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Pill Popper

Pill Poppers are very useful for administering tablets/capsules to animals that won’t accept these in food or may bite.

Price $9.00

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Crop Needle (12g)

Useful for feeding young or debilitated birds.

Price $19.80

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Disposable 10x10cm Swabs (Pack of 100)

This pack of disposable swabs are suitable for wound and ear cleaning.

Price $12.00

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