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Specialised Equipment

Specialised Equipment

“Our recent purchase a digital X-ray machine” Our recent purchase of our new digital x-ray machine has proved a popular choice with both staff and clients.  The machine saves a great deal of time and we can see the results in minutes.   Clients are given a disc to take home with their pets x-rays which is much better than the films which we by law had to keep here as a record. The digital x-ray machine has lots of features, some of which include fast results, the ability to enhance the quality and make the image darker or lighter, as well as zoom in and out.  We can now zoom in on certain areas that we want a closer look at. If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly nurses” New to Menai Animal Hospital is LASER ACUPUNCTURE. Lasers play an important role in medicine today.  High power lasers can replace scalpels in the operating room.  They can be used to remove cancers, repair eye problems, remove tattoos and are often a better choice as there is less pain,  less bleeding and less damage to surrounding tissues. Low energy lasers are used for pain relief, post operative care, rehabilitation and in sports medicine. The laser we use for acupuncture is a low energy laser, it has a visible red light that has a penetration suitable for skin, muscle and connective tissue injuries

Laser acupuncture has advantages over needling as:

  • It is aseptic
  • Non invasive
  • Painless
  • No reported side effects
  • Well tolerated by animals, even nervous ones
  • Safe  to use
  • It stimulates the body to heat.

A laser produces electromagnetic irradiation.  This causes changes in the immediate area where applied and also systemically ( the whole body).  The energy ( photons ) penetrate the skin and stimulate production of cyclic AMP in the cells.  This energises the cells.

There are local effects increasing lymph flow, improving microcirculation and reducing swelling and pain.  Acupuncture points are areas of skin of increased electrical conductivity.  By stimulationg these special skin areas we can change gthe perception or messages the brain is receiving.  This causes the brain to release certain chemicals ( neurotransmitters ), pain killers ( endorphins ) and anti – inflammatories which activate the body’s healing processes.

The treatment regime we use is to stimulate local painful areas and acupuncture points for 5 – 10 seconds per point ( usually 14 – 16 points on each side of the body ) and give 2 – 3  treatments per week.  Usually 6 – 8 treatments are required but the longer a problem has existed the larger the number of treatments required. Laser acupuncture does not replace conventional medication but it can be very useful for pain relief, swelling and injuries particularly of skin, muscle, tendons and nerves.

Menai Animal Hospital uses a wide range of diagnostic services, including: ·

  • Surgery room, with ultra sound, monitoring system, Anesthetic machine

    Laser Surgery

  • Surgery including Orthopaedics and Eye SurgeryAnaesthetics (gaseous with oxygen, respiration and heart and blood pressure monitoring)
  • Breeding services such as Artificial Insemination and Transcervical Catheterisation
  • Autoclaving of all instruments used · Heart and blood pressure testing
  • Microscopic examinations
  • X-Ray facilities and Endoscopy and Ultrasound
  • Electro-Cardiography (ECG) equipment