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Puppy Pre-school

Puppy Pre-school

Puppy Pre-School is usually held at Menai Animal Hospital on a Wednesday night between 6:30pm to 7:30pm, we may run sessions on Tuesday or Thursday’s by demand. Puppy Pre-School is an important part of your puppies development and is directed by Nurse Narelle Spencer and assisted by her son Nathan Spencer. All puppies need to have at least their first vaccination given and be 8-16 weeks old.
To book in please call us at Menai Animal Hospital on (02) 9541 1455.

Narelle Spencer- PUPPY PRE-SCHOOL Instructor & Senior Vet Nurse

My animal training experience.
In 1986 I bought a British Bulldog named Blossom she didn’t turn out to be a show dog but she was very clever so I decided to take her and my Boxer Duke to obedience dog training. Duke was a miserable failure wanting to play and dragging me all over the place, while Blossom excelled. Knowing what I know now about training I know that I did everything wrong with Duke and had set up a lot of bad behaviours by treating him like a baby.

One day at a dog show in 1988 I was approached by two ladies Julie Lorimer and Angela Towle who explained that they had just set up an animal talent agency and asked if any of our Bulldogs were trained, I explained that I had one at home so I sent Blossoms photos and the rest is history. Bulldogs are notoriously hard to train so after they had seen me successfully train Blossom they asked would I train a cat that’s when I got Pumpkin and he was a great success. I continue to mix my vet nursing career with my training career successfully thanks to a very helpful team and a flexible boss who cover for me when I am on set.

Movies that I have worked on: Superman Returns Pomeranians, Matrix Cats, The Mask 2 son of the mask Puppies, Kittens, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats, Mice, Macaw, Lizards, and Snakes. Stealth Cat and Preservation Kitten. I have also worked on many short films for Tropfest with Dogs, Cats and Farm Animals.

TV series that I have worked on: Rescue Special Ops Cat, White Collar Blue Cat, Water Rats Cat, False Witness Puppies, Flat Chat My Bulldog Arnold, Play School My Bird Oliver and Long Billed Corella, Harry’s Practice Dogs and Cats and Animal Hospital My Bulldogs and a cat for the promo.

TV Commercials that I have worked on: Nokia Cat, Toyota Dogs, Libra Kittens, Pedigree Pal My Bulldog Chase plus other dogs, MTV My Pug Mr Tashi a cat and a guinea pig, Sydney Film Festival dog, Kleenex Labrador puppies, Cottonelle Labrador puppies, Dine Cats, Whiskas cats , Pizza Hut Dog, Spray and Wipe My Bulldog Hope, Moove my Bulldog Blossom, Optimum Dogs and Cats, Supercoat Dogs and Cats, Purina Dogs and cats, Solo Pigeons, Ford dogs, Holden Dogs, First State Mice, Hush Puppy Dog, Revolution Cats, Frontline dogs, Channel 7 Cats and Dogs, Wondersoft Mini Horse, Ducks Rabbits, Doves and a dog, RSPCA Dog and a cat, Energy Australia My bird Oliver, NSW Tourism Dog, Birdseye Cat and many more for small companies and for overseas. This list does not include print ads for magazines and newspapers of which I have done too many to mention.

Animals that I have worked with and trained: dogs, cats, parrots, chickens, pigeons, ducks, piglets, goats, horses, mice, rats, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs. I have worked with snakes, lizards and a tiger.