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School Talks

School Talks

Safety is paramount for children of all ages. With pet ownership on the rise, with over 53,000 registered fogs in the Sutherland Shire alone, would a safety talk about pets benefit your students?

We’re sure you are aware of how serious a dog attack can be and in the last quarter of 2022, over 100 children suffered from one of varying degrees. Children will benefit from learning how to avoid being one of these statistics.

We work with you to teach the students about a friendly dog versus a scared or angry dog to help them better understand the difference and know how to interact with dogs appropriately. We would provide practical tips on how to avoid dog attacks, such as not approaching unknown dogs, not running way from them, and not disturbing them while they’re eating or sleeping. This would give the students clear guidance on how to stay safe around dogs and reduce the risk of getting hurt. Respecting animals, along with respecting wildlife, will be discussed as well.

We can bring live animals to your school for the children to interact with and apply their new skills in safe interaction. These animals include: a dog, a cat, a rabbit and a turtle. Our goal is to help kids develop responsibility, good attitudes and acceptable behaviors towards all animals and increase their understanding of them and how to behave.

Our presentation is completely free with no cost to the school. Two staff members who have their WWCC would attend on the day with the live animals. Parents and friends are also welcome to attend if this suits the teacher. Photos and videos are also an option for the 45 minute presentation.

If you are interested in a Pet Care and Safety Talk presentation, please contact us on 9541 1455 or email us at to book a date that suits you. Please note that these talks will run from June through the August.