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School Talks

School Talks

We believe children benefit from learning how to behave around animals and interact with them to avoid injuries. Vets and vet nurses are happy to go to all school groups – preschools, primary and high schools to help kids be safe and enjoy animals.

We teach children the difference between a friendly dog, a scared dog and an angry dog; when it is safe to approach a dog and when not to and what to do if a dog comes near them. In our talk children learn to respect animals and ways to keep our native animals safe and healthy. We bring live animals to each school for students to interact safely with (we suggest a dog, cat, bird, lizard and turtle).

Our aim is to help kids develop responsible attitudes towards animals. We want to improve children’s understanding of animals and how to behave around them.

Our presentation is free of cost to the school. We will send 2 staff members who have been trained in Delta Dog Safe and the SPOT program. We request teachers stay with their class. Parents and friends are also welcome to join in, if that suits the teacher. Photos and videos are also an option.

If you would like a Pet safety talk at your school, please contact us on 9541 1455 or email us on to make a date that suits you.