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Here at Menai Animal Hospital, we strive to be able to offer you and your pets all the services you need. To find out more about some of the services we offer, click through from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, scroll down below, or if you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, feel free to contact us and speak to one of our nurses so we can find a way to suit your needs and take the best care of your pets possible.







Dog Training

We have a variety of classes to keep your canine on its best behaviours.

Puppy preschool starts you and your pet off on the right footing teaching you basic obedience and about canine health and nutrition.

Dog manners is for those terrible teens, adolescents and adult classes. This service also offers private consults.


Health Check & Vaccination

Each pet we see gets a full physical exam including 12 systems health check when they come to visit Dr Kay, this is important to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy.

Vaccinations prevent your pet from catching all those nasty diseases. All cats and dogs should have a yearly health check and vaccination.


Preventative Health & Nutrition

Our goal is to keep your pet as happy and healthy as it can be, by picking up problems early, by treating and changing a few lifestyle choices (and/or diet) we can prevent further decline of health conditions or stop a condition from returning.

We stock a large range of premium foods and prescription diets to keep your pet in tip top condition. We will advise on appropriate supplements where they will help your pet. We will advise on raw food diets to get them complete and balanced.


Medicine & Diagnostics

We have a very large pharmacy with a number of medicine options that will suit you and your pet. Kay will decide on the correct drugs for your pet case by case. If you can’t give tablets, we can work something else out for you. We have comprehensive diagnostic equipment in house such as a blood test machine, x-ray machine, ultrasound, endoscope, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, microscopes, pulse oximetry (oxygen levels), and full eye exams including fluorescein dye, tonometry (for glaucoma), and Schirmer tear tests.


Laboratory Testing & Blood Testing

We can do a lot of laboratory tests such as blood testing for diagnostic reasons, urine tests, faecal test, skin scrapings, and microscopic testing. We sometimes choose to send blood to the laboratory for more extensive testing.


Xrays & Ultrasound

We have a digital xray machine which allows us to have a quick diagnosis for your pet. We can offer xrays for hip, spine and elbow scoring. We can also do xrays for the thoracic inlet measurements and pregnancy xrays.

We use ultrasound regularly. Ultrasound can be used to detect tumours, pregnancy, and heart abnormalities. We can use it for needle guided biopsies and a variety of other conditions.



Surgery gives us the ability to fix a problem. We can cut out a cancer, repair a broken leg or cruciate ligament, or stope eyelashes rubbing on an eye. Surgery fixes problems that other treatment options can’t. Please discuss with us what your pet needs. We operate Monday to Friday and in emergencies whenever needed. Kay has knowledge and experience to operate on your pet safely and effectively to get the best outcome for you and your pet. Kay does keyhole surgery and secret sewing so your pet recovers faster.



We use state of the art anaesthetic machine and monitor so that we can monitor every step of the anaesthesia by getting regular recordings of your pet’s vital signs, to ensure the correct depth of anaesthesia to avoid anaesthetic related complications. We back our machine up with very experienced staff who are also monitoring your pet. When your pet is in recovery, a dedicated nurse will stay with them until they are awake from anaesthetic, so that they can be monitored until they are safely sitting up and have adequate pain relief.



Our treatment does not stop with surgery, we provide extensive rehabilitation services and information to aid in your pets recovery.

We do acupuncture, pressure point therapy, hot and cold packs, deep tissue laser treatment, photonic light therapy, and physical therapy using specialised equipment. We will also use massage and passive range of movement to get those joints walking well again.


Cat Boarding

We have cat boarding facilities on the premises. We provide this service for our clients. Our cat boarding is available 365 days of the year. This is a proper cattery, not a hospital cage. Your cats will be cared for by our qualified nurses. If your pet needs surgery like Desexing or a dental they can have it while they are here and we will take care of the recovery for you. We can groom them while they are here.


Dog Boarding

We recommend Meadowmist for your dogs. Meadowmist pick up and drop off to our hospital.



We groom for comfort here at Menai Animal Hospital. Your pet can be safely sedated by our vet and the experience can be made less traumatic for those stressful ones. We do both dogs can cats and special care is taken with senior patients who may have sore old joints. Fluid therapy is also given to older pets and any high risk patients. Our grooming services include clipping, bathing, nail clips, ear cleaning and plucking and anal glad expression.



We have an ultrasonic scaler and polishing machine with a drill just like your dentist has. We can remove teeth if they are damaged or painful. We can perform root canals for those pets whose teeth you want to save. We sell a number of products to help you with the after care needed to keep those teeth pearly white.


Breeding Services


From the 15/7/2021 our current policy for breeding is that we can only be of service to ANKC or MDBA registered breeders.  We will no longer provide our services to unregistered breeders as we are following the polices of the DLI.

We can help you to achieve your breeding dreams. We can help you prepare your bitch for breeding, analyse semen quality, perform artificial inseminations (vaginal, transcervical and surgical), we also freeze and store semen. We perform caesareans both routine and emergency, we have specialised equipment for reviving puppies and a special neonatal humidicrib to help after delivery.


Palliative Care

We work with you to ensure a good quality of life for your pet at all stages of their life. We consider pain management to be very important and work out how much intervention is needed to keep your beloved pet comfortable. We are there to help you with all your health care decisions.



We provide a pain free euthanasia for your pet when it is their time. We offer sedation first that has pain relief in it to help your pet transition peacefully to the final injection. We try to make euthanasia as stress free for you and your pet as possible. Our aim is to give you the choice to give your pet a dignified farewell. At home euthanasia is also an option.


Specialist Referrals

We offer referrals to a number of specialists, we are happy to do this if you prefer just ask us.