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Testimonials Hear what our regular visitors have to say about us

Testimonials Hear what our regular visitors have to say about us

It has been exactly 3-months since my cat Rajia made it to your hospital after a terrible misdiagnosis and I cannot thank you enough. At 14 years of age, my cat has never had any real issues (completely indoor) however when he started to hide under the bed and then he lost his little voice I just knew something was wrong. I went to a vet close by and after 4 days going back and forth telling me “I just don’t know whats wrong with him” I watched my cat deteriorate in pain until I asked around to see if anyone knew a good vet.

I was referred to Kay through a friend of a friend and so I took the hour drive down south. Within minutes I felt like Kay knew exactly what was wrong with him. He went into surgery and while it was stressful 2-weeks watching him recover and waiting for results my little boy is now finally back to his old self again. He is back on solid food and he looks exactly like his old self again. He has also finally found peace with his new little brother Chester. I look at him everyday with such love and I just know Menai hospital saved his life. I highly recommend this vet.

Adele with Rajia the cat

When my wife and I came to live in Bangor twelve years ago, we asked our neighbours to recommend a good vet in the area. As directed, we brought our dog to Dr Kay at Menai Animal Hospital, and have been coming here ever since. Over those years our dog has required surgery and hospitalisation on a number of occasions, and we have found Kay to be an excellent vet, and her team of vet nurses could not have been more caring and helpful. I have been very well pleased with the outcome of all the surgical procedures, and most impressed with the friendly and professional service which has also extended to every vaccination and annual check-up. To Kay and her team of attentive, devoted and conscientious staff, I would like to say a heartfelt “Thank you”.

Bill Claridge

Dear Dr Kay, Thank you for effectively managing Fatcat’s diabetes. It’s been two years since he was diagnosed and he has never been better. He is enjoying life as only a cat can. Thanks

Bob Boyce

Dear Narelle, Jude, Kay and the team who took such good care of our Daisy,

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for the exceptional care you gave our beautiful Daisy last week.

From the moment I called to bringing her up, everyone was so helpful and efficient in getting Daisy the care and urgent treatment she required. She was one very sick baby and we were beyond worried about her.


The communication and time you took to inform us of her condition did not go unnoticed. It was so greatly appreciated when you made time for us to visit her on the weekend with our three girls, who especially missed her.


I am so pleased to say Miss Daisy is pretty much back to normal now! She is happy, has her smiley face back and her tail always wagging.  Too many cuddles from her sisters and she’s found herself back in prime position on the lounge and we wouldn’t have it any other way!!


Thank you again for everything you did to allow us to bring our Daisy home. We love her so much and will be eternally grateful.

Oh and the text message that Daisy “sent” us, was just so beautiful, I had happy tears!

Chloè, George, Mia, Evie, Lila and Daisy Diakos

Our dog Jess was found to have a large mouth cancer. We were told that there wasn’t much that could be done. Our vet thought it might be better to euthanase. We looked on the net for answers and found Menai Vet did laser treatment. After phone discussions, we flew Jess down to Sydney for laser surgery. She was treated at Menai Vet on arrival and the cancer was sucessfully removed by laser. Whilst we were there we were given some extra help in regards to her heart, arthritis and eyes and also had two rotten teeth removed.

On the third day, after being given some follow up treatment we were able to take our little girl home. We found the girls at Menai Animal Hospital very helpful, they kept in touch with us and we are very greatful to the staff at Menai Animal Hospital for their help and expertise.

“Jess” Black

From our elderly gentlemen to our inseparable rescues, along with ever tolerant Coco the pug, Menai Animal Hospital has provided individualised and highly specialised care to our menagerie. Veterinary attention is always extremely prompt, thorough and up to date. Holiday makers can drop feline friends off for a resort stay! What a great community practice for all creatures great & small.

Liz with Coco the pug, Zazu, Anthony and the ever-growing family of beautiful cats

Dear Dr Kay and all the staff members. We would like to express our sincere thanks for all that your team has done for our ‘Sparkles’. You are all dedicated, compassionate people who understand the special bond between an owner and their pet! I feel there are people like you that make a difference in this world! We are truly grateful for helping our little girl get better. We will see you again soon.

Luke and Janna Christie

To Everyone at Menai Animal Hospital, My husband said you are miracle workers after Simba, our 16 year old Burmese, breathing problems improved.

Patsy Mancell

Dear Kay, Narelle, Jude and all the Vet nurses of Menai Animal Hospital. Thank-you so much for treating me like the little princess I am. Please enjoy the chocolates and wine and make sure Jude gets an extra glass.

Lots of cuddles and licks, Sophie.

P.S. Mummy wrote this but I told her what to say. x x

Sophie Kelvin

Dr Kay and all the wonderful vet nurses treat our puppies like their family, they know their names and always want cuddles, making our babies feel special. We have been coming to Dr Kay’s for 16 years, and would not go anywhere else, even my master 6 wants to see Dr Kay and the nurses when he is sick!

Tracey with Pearl & Clover the poodles

I have been a client at Menai Animal Hospital for 20 years. I have British Bulldogs and I would not take my dogs to any other hospital as they have always received the greatest of care. I have recommended this practice to many people.

Val Philip Bulldog Puppies
Val Philip
Dear Menai Animal Hospital,
We hope this review can help other pet owners to make the decision to go ahead with this treatment.
Firstly we honestly can’t thank Dr Kay and the team at Menai Animal Hospital for their recommendation to use the experimental stem cell treatment to treat Zephyrs severe arthritis.
Zephyr was just about to turn 5 years old when she was diagnosed with severe arthritis in her rear hips and knees. She is a Dane, Bull Arab cross weighing in at 42kg. We began to notice the problem after she was struggling to get up from laying down and then one day after a walk started to limp so severely that she could not put any weight on her rear right leg, struggled to squat to urinate and had to be carried up the stairs.
We immediately took her to Menai Animal Hospital the next day and they performed an X-Ray which devastated us with the diagnosis of severe arthritis in her hips and knee joints. At almost 5 years old we were heartbroken to think about her quality of life for the future.
Dr Kay and the team at Menai vet gave us the options of Experimental Stem cell treatment (via IV drip or direct injection) or ongoing Cartrophen injections.
After doing a fair bit of research we decided to go ahead with the Stem cell treatment via IV drip.
Zephyrs movement was limited to about 45% before the treatment rating her quality of life quite low. After 4 weeks had passed after the Stem Cell treatment we could already see significant improvements in her mobility. It has now been 5 months and it is safe to say her mobility is back up to 90%, and her quality of life is so much greater than what we thought it would be. She can now run around and play with other dogs and go back to her bush walks 2-3 times a week. There are times when she does feel sore but we always have anti-inflammatories on hand and give her one when she needs it and let her rest and she is back to normal within a day.
I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone with a dog suffering from arthritis! We can’t thank Dr Kay and the team at Menai vet enough for saving our girl!
Kind Regards
Isabel Nasser
Zephyr Stem Cell Success Story