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Remember Your Pets

Remember Your Pets

Xishi Pullen

XISHI PULLEN T February 2002 – June 2015

Xishi was a very sweet Border Collie that came to see us later in life, we quickly learned that treats and a good cuddle were the key to her heart. She loved to go for walks and adventures and she was spoilt rotten by her family and had a wonderful life. She will be dearly missed.

 Spock Gaunt

SPOCK GAUNT Oct 2003 – June 2015

Spock was an adventurous Fox terrier x that never quite grew in to his ears. He was a local celebrity being the face of the Woronora community facebook page. He was very friendly and loved meeting new people, unless you were the vet or vet nurses then it took some good quality treats to get on his good side.
He was a big part of his families life going everywhere with them and they loved him dearly.



Ike was a special Sheltie that was loved by everyone that met him. A champion show dog that had bred many other champions to carry on his line. Ike would stand back and watch you at first but once he decided he liked you, you had a friend for life.
One of Ike’s favorite things was to go along to Menai Animal Hospital’s school talks and win the hearts of all the children. He also dabbled in stardom as you can see by the picture.
Rest In Peace Ike you were loved by all and will be missed by many.



Very much loved and missed.

Rest in Peace


Molly was a delightful little girl who gave her owners so much joy.  She was such a sweet, gentle soul that
everyone who met her just adored her.  When she got sick she adjusted very well to her situation.  Sadly after a long illness she quietly passed away at home.  She did it her way, with dignity.  We know that heaven has one more angel now.  She will be sadly missed.

SABRINA HARDY     1999 – 2010

They say memories are golden and maybe that is true, but we never wanted memories, we only wanted you.  In life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still.  In our hearts you hold a special place that no one can ever fill.  If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane, We’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.  Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same, but as god calls us one by one the chain will link again.

whippett 300x205 A Place To Remember Your Pets
This is all about my Whippet named Stormy.
When my son picked her up she was approx 12 weeks old, she came from Taree and that was 14yrs ago.  We had another dog named Lucy and a tabby cat and they all quickly became friends.  I was pretty busy with 3 pets and loved each one very much.
Our cats life ended after 15yrs and  6yrs after that Lucy the dog diet quite suddenly.  I was turning the fabulous fifty and was diagnosed with Grade 3 Cancer in both breasts.  Heavens I thought, my children had started to leave home, and with all of us working I knew I didn’t have time to get sick.  Everything happened quickly and before I knew it I had 5 lots of surgery in 14 months as well as chemo and radio.  My husband and children were very supportive and wonderful but the surprise was my little Stormy.
Throughout the day during my recovery she never left my side to getting a cup of tea, to going to the bathroom, she would be waiting outside the door, she would lie next to me pressing up against my side to let me know she was there as I napped on and off throughout the day.  When I was well enough I would walk her around the block without the lead, trusting her not to runoff as I couldn’t be pulled by the arms and sure enough she would stroll beside me.
Now I find she is sick with Cushing Disease and I will be there for her like she was there for me.  So Stormy thank you for 14  marvelous years, you are a faithful and loving little hound and will always be my good friend.


tosca2 A Place To Remember Your Pets
We just wanted to Thank You for the wonderful care and kindness that you have given our dear Tosca over the years and, particularly when we had to let her go.
It’s also been such a comfort to know that every time Tosca came into the surgery that she was greeted with fond recognition and affection by the staff, I guess that one-eyed look made her easy to remember, but I know you also recognised and appreciated Tosca’s squeaky voice and gentle ways.
Finally, thank you for letting us have a special, private time with Tosca.
Adrienne Anderson


kendra A Place To Remember Your Pets

 Life began for Kendra when mum (Andrea) and dad ( Brian) adopted her.

Life as a stray wasn’t for this puppy and after surgery she came home to live the high life as top dog of her doggy family, what a difference from being a matted pound dog with health problems to living in a lovely home surrounded by people who loved and cared for her. She ruled the roost, everyone who met her thought she was so cute, a lot of people thought she was a puppy.  Here at the hospital she could get away with anything lots of time being carried around.  Just a flash of those big brown eyes and she had you hook, line and sinker.  We don’t know how old she was perhaps older than we first thought.  Kendra had little health problems on and off throughout her life but her biggest battle came in her last few months.  Her tremendous will to live kept her going , where others would have given up.  I believe she was trying to stay for her mum and dad.  The joy that she gave her family will never be forgotten.  Some people would say that she was lucky to have them but I am sure that they would say they were lucky to have her.  Kendra you are gone but not forgotten.  Rest in Peace.


harry A Place To Remember Your Pets
22/12/2001 – 16/11/2009
Harry came from a litter of 6 pups born under the very famous Kama prefix.  He was 6 months old when i brought him home.  Mrs Partridge had another dog that she would have rather me taken but my favourite by far was Harry.  Harry started his football career straight away with a naming competition in the newspaper.  After nearly 4,000 entries it was decided that we would call him “Rookie” at the football.
Harry was the best dog I ever knew, everyone that knew him says he was always happy and excited to see you. He trusted me in any situation and followed me anywhere.  Fireworks, stadiums,crowds or fan days, and even the show ring, Harry was always outstanding.  He fast became a hit with the Bulldogs NRL team fans and players.  Thousands of photo;s  have been taken of him and he was even reproduced as a tattoo on one of the players arms.  He had a very special bond with Matt Utai who always bought out Harry’s naughty side.
He gained his title very quickly in the show ring and he soon became a father.  He had six pups in his first litter and one of his pups looked so much like him he was called Dirty Harry after his dad.  Harry went to school talks and won over the hearts of many kids.  Harry was special to lots of people but was most special to me.
Harry developed  a severe heart condition in the last 6 months of his life and was nursed through.  He still loved to do everything but some days he was just too fragile.  His tail always wagged and he was still happy, but even walking to the end of the cheer leading line of girls was like running a marathon for him. In the quarter finals, his last game of the season he proudly walked out onto the field and stood on the field for a while then lay down.  He loved every minute and we knew it would be his last game.  With his continued health decline it was given that his time was coming to a close.
When he left us he was surrounded by girls, Kay, Charmaine, Sue and of course his mother Narelle.  His passing was a hard and sad time for all of us.  Everyone who knew Harry will be a little better for knowing him.  He is gone but will never be forgotten.  He was much loved by all but its my heart that he has taken a chunk of with him.”


17/8/1994 – 14/7/2009
chloe A Place To Remember Your Pets
When Charmaine and her family decided that they would get a new puppy, after a lot of research they decided to purchase a Shetland Sheepdog. At the time they were on a waiting list to get a puppy. The puppies had been born and there were two females to choose from, the only problem was that the breeder couldn’t choose what one to keep. We all know Char and eventually she set up a meeting to see the puppies at a dog show. After meeting Christine, she left the show with not just a pet, but a show and breeding dog who turned out to be the foundation of all Charmaine’s shelties today.
After taking Chloe home she settled into the family perfectly. Not really taking to showing, she became a mum; she did this the way she did everything else, with no fuss or bother.
In her first litter she had Chelsi, who won some big prizes at very high levels. Chloe and Chelsi were constant companions and in her later life it was Chelsi who told her to bark as her hearing failed.
Chloe was the Princess at the Kennedy household and the bond she had with her human family was very special. As the generations of puppies came it was Granny (as she was affectionately known) who had the temperament everyone wanted.
Chloe enjoyed good health until her last few years, and as it is for all of us her family had to come to make that hard decision that no one wants to have to make.
When Chloe came in she looked beautiful as Charmaine had taken great lengths to make her look nice, she even had her make up on just like she would have if she was off to a show. Her eyes though told us a different story; she was ready to go, if she could have said thanks she would have. Chloe slipped away just as she had lived life with no fuss or bother. The hole she has left in the hearts of her family is still there but they only have to look out the door to see that Chloe lives on in all beautiful Shelties that they have. I don’t know anyone will ever be a special as Chloe but her memory will live on.

Furball had a beautiful nature and we were blessed to have known her for 20 years and one month.  She is at rest in our rose garden and has been given a lovely farewell by those who loved her.  she came to us quite by accident when we lost Chloe our previous black and white cat.  Kay told us to wait up to 14 days before worrying but after 7 days a man from AlfordsPoint rang said he saw our notices didn’t have our cat but had a little black and white kitten if we wanted it.  furball A Place To Remember Your Pets

We went around and saw Furball who was rather runty and terribly shy but she was just lovely.  We also noticed her sister Bianca who was pure snowy white with one green eye and one blue eye of longer limbs and slimmer shape.  Yes it was hard to believe they were sisters but happy to take both as we were so convinced that Chloe went missing in the bush never to return.  That night  when we got the kittens home I received a phone call from a neighbour who had been hearing mysterious noises under the house for days and you guessed it Chloe had been trapped when she wandered into their garage the previous week.  You cannot imagine what she was thinking having been trapped she finally gets home and finds not one but  two kittens in her basket.  She gave them both a hard time for ages but that’s how we ended up with 3 cats.  Chloe passed away at 21 years of age, Bianca who lived life on the edge to match her glamour got hit by a car age 5 and now Furball at 20 has joined them.  Tom my first cat lived to 16 years.  I don’t think I will ever get another cat.  Furball was that special one in a million .
Mary & Allan Kellam and Family


1/1/1998 – 9/12/2009
Scully was a very loved Fox Terrier that enjoyed the company of her family and her best mate Pugsley.  She has  had more than her share of health issues over the years but with thesupport of her family has soldiered on to the age of 11yrs.  Her sweet disposition and anxious ways ensured she always had a special place in the hearts of Kay and the nurses.  Scully will always be remembered with love.


24/12/1994 – 6/10/2009
Bonnie was more than just a pet to the Daley family, she was a best friend, a companion and most importantly a member of the family.  Bonnie was also a very loved girl here at Menai Animal Hospital.  Her family and the girls here will miss her deeply.


7/2/1997 – 26/10/2009
Muttley enjoyed the perfect life with his mum & dad.  He loved every moment and was a character that was larger than life.  He was a fabulous example of his breed showing all the best Jack Russell attributes.  He enjoyed the Jack Russell racesand he even caught the lure a couple of times.  But his best trait was the companionship that he gave his family just hanging around at home or on his long walks he was ever the gentleman eager to please.  He was a character and his sudden illness and departure from this world leaves a huge gap to his loved ones and to all the staff here who knew him, we well remember the way he smiled and his little whiskers but most of all we will just remember him.  Our deepest sympathy’s go to Dennis & Jan at this sad time.


27/06/1991 – 01/07/2009
Miss Rhett was the oldest of her four brothers and sisters, and at the age of 18 she still ruled the household.  Rhett was one of our oldest clients, and in her later years of life she became one of our regulars and favourites.  Miss Rhett was well known and loved by all our staff.  We are all going to miss her little grey face.


March 1996 – 29/07/2009
Jake lived to a nice old age of 13yrs.  Jake was a very sweet, well loved beautiful boy, who loved his walks by the sea.  He was loved by everyone ( family, friends and staff).  Jake was such a pleasure to have as a client; he never complained and was always up for a cuddle and kiss.  Everyone here will sorely miss Jake, but he will always be remembered.  I’m sure he is now taking his seaside walks in heaven.