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Our Team

Our Team

Senior Veterinary Nurses

Veterinary Nurses

Sue Brittany

Our Vet

Dr Kay Pitkeathly

Hi, I’m Kay the Vet.

I have three kids, three cats, three dogs and a tortoise. I love working with animals of all shapes and sizes. I continuously improve my knowledge with post-graduate work every year to provide the best care for your pet.  I have post-graduate qualifications in surgery, internal medicine, Ophthalmology, endocrinology, breeding, radiology, ultrasound imaging and most recently in forensics.

My first love is diagnosis and surgery, I love to fix problems. I have been the principal vet here for over 25 years and have invested in technology equipment and training so we are the best animal care hospital in Australia. Our friendly team gives you and your pet wholehearted care with a personal touch, we strive to uphold the highest level of excellence in pet care. We are small enough to know you and for you to know and trust us, we will do our best for you and your pet.


Our Nurses


Hi, my name is Narelle.

I have lived in Bangor for over 30 years.  I have been a member of the Menai Animal Hospital team for nearly 18 years. I love coming to work and have tremendous respect for my colleagues.  My special interests are Acupuncture, Anaesthetics, Birds, Oncology, Wildlife, Respiratory Emergencies and Breeding all of which I have completed extra courses in to gain extra knowledge. I also have an honors in primate care.

I have been breeding and showing British Bulldogs since 1986.  I own the mascots for the Bull Dogs Rugby League team. I occasionally breed British shorthair & Scottish Fold cats. Children recognise my lovely Scottish fold cat Garfield from our school talks. My dogs’ names are Spike, Mr Tashi, Teddy, Joy & George and our birds’ name is Boomer. I also have some cats and fish and have room at home for my husband Andrew and my two sons Jacob & Nathan. My interests out side of work include Puppy school, training animals and working in the T.v. & film industry. I am president of the British Bulldog Club of NSW, I love supporting my sons at football and going to support the Bulldogs. On my holidays or days off I can usually be found doing something animal related.


Hi, my name is Sue, and 

I’ve had the pleasure of working at Menai Animal Hospital as a veterinary nurse since 2004. I originally trained as a human nurse but my passion for animals eventually  drew me into veterinary nursing.

I’m married with 2 grown boys and we all share a passion for animals. Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are the centre of our family life. We take much delight in exhibiting our dogs in conformation shows and occasionally breed a litter. Our dogs are the best bed warmers around but equally enjoy a game of fetch or tug. We currently have 7 seven dogs ranging from puppies to seniors.

If you’re looking for a cavalier puppy you can find my website here:




Hi, I’m Jude.

I’m the girl from the country. I have worked at Menai Animal Hospital since 2002 and enjoy all aspects of it, the good and the bad.  In those years I have completed the vet nurses course and have continued studying in different areas of the field (wildlife, anaesthetics, fluids and heaps 


My family consists of my husband and two children, Callum and Sienna.  Our other family consists of two cats (Cotton who is our rescue cat, which we hand raised since she was one week of age and Bud who is a Scottish fold), two goldfish.  On the farm we have two dogs, a Maltese name Missy and Samson a Malt x JRT and an aviary.