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Community Activities & Upcoming Events

Community Activities & Upcoming Events

Puppy Preschool 

June classes have already begun but our

next round of classes start in just a few weeks!

6.30pm – 7.30pm

Bookings Essential


As a service provided to the community, we have been offering our talks to pre-schools, primary schools and high schools for the last ten years.  We began by using the “Pet Pep” module, then some of our nurses were trained in the “Delta Dog Safe” programme.  When the Government decided that we needed a dog safe programme all under one umbrella, we also sent some of our nurses to be trained in the “SPOT” programme, a hybrid of “Pet Pep” and “Delta Dog Safe” with the RSPCA coming on board to provide a section on animal cruelty.

Adapting and tailoring all our knowledge for the requirements of each specific occasion, we continue to go to schools where we are needed.  So popular have our talks been, that unfortunately we have limited space and time to see every pre-schools.  To date we have been able to share our knowledge with thousands of children.  We try to take animals to all our talks, and these usually include a dog, a cat, birds, a turtle and a lizard.  We love sharing our knowledge and love of animals with the children, and our reward is seeing the joy on their faces.

For more information please contact Menai Animal Hospital on 95411455 or