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❗️COVID-19 update❗️

With the new regulations starting from 4/1/21 we are going back to the following rules:

⭕️ please check in with the QR code.
ONE person only to bring your animal to the vet
⭕️please wait outside the clinic (we can see you out there on our cameras) and we will come and invite you in when it is safe to do so.
⭕️when we bring you in we will take your animal through and ask you to wait outside or in a separate room to limit the amount of persons in one space.
⭕️Please DO NOT show up without an appointment
⭕️ All medication and food to be ordered over the phone and also paid over the phone where available.
⭕️use the hand sanitiser provided upon entry to the clinic.
⭕️We will only be supplying fair amounts of medications as we have a lot of people trying to stock pile.
contact us on 954 114 55 or