Winter Is Coming

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Winter is coming, Menai Animal Hospital

Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming…ok well winter is well & truly here. It’s cold, drizzly & comes with a bitterly cold wind that can ruin any sunny day. As it starts to get colder we hunker down in front of our heaters & stock up on wine hot chocolate but where are your pets?

There are many facets of winter that can affect our dogs, primarily the cold & what happens when your dog has bad joints & becomes cold. Contrary to popular belief that warm & fuzzy coat does not keep your pet completely warm

img_10577_apa_13442_600Signs that your dog is not coping so well with the cold:

  • They are curled up in corners or sheltered places they would not normally go
  • They are digging & laying in the dirt
  • They are slow to get up & get moving/ more so than usual
  • They are not as active as they normally are
  • If they are extremely cold they will shake
  • Their extremities will feel cold.
  • Senior dogs will seem slow & unstable on their fee

Ways to help your dog during winter:

  • Bring them inside at night or on particularly cold days, even if it is into a laundry or a garage.
  • Purchase pet beds, jackets, kennels & blankets to keep them warm at night.
  • You can purchase heat mats or electronically heated bedding – please note the safety hazards when using these products e.g. chewed wires etc.
  • Have a space your pet can escape the cold wind – note if you are home & this is not near your back door they may not use it.
  • Elevate bedding off the cold floor, especially for your older pets.
  • Supply a form of traction on the floor to make it more stable for senior pets.
  • Consult your vet; your dog might be slowing down & a bit arthritic but there are plenty of remedies that can help make your pet more comfortable during winter. These can include but are not limited to: Pain relief, Cartrophen injections & Stem cells
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