From Roxy and Paul Petersen

Banjo was diagnosed with arthritis at the young age of 3. The condition
meant that he was becoming less mobile, often limping and was living
with a considerable amount of pain, particularly when getting up after a
nap. He needed Cartrophen Injections every six months to keep him
reasonably mobile and pain free. After a while, the period between
needing injections was getting shorter. 

In November 2011, at the age of 5, his limping worsened considerably. 
Dr Kay told us that Banjo needed a cruciate ligament operation and advised 
that stem cell therapy was an option for his arthritis with good prospects 
of success. The stem cells would also assist in the recovery from the cruciate 
ligament operation.

The stem cell therapy would also provide a more durable cessation to the
progress of Banjo's arthritis. The first weeks of recovering from the
cruciate ligament operation were difficult, and it made us think that he
would not improve much more. However, after a few weeks we began to see
progress. Every week Banjo became more mobile, more active, and showed
less difficulty with his legs.  

Almost one year after the treatment, he is bouncing around like a puppy, 
he swims everyday, runs and walks pain free for 99% of the time. 
He only experiences a minor limping if he over-does it before warming up 
or has over-excercised. He hasn't needed any additional treatment since the 
Stem Cell Therapy. Banjo's remarkable recovery It is also a credit to Menai Vet 
head nurses like Charmaine who provided him with 5 weeks of twice-weekly 
physiotherapy to fully re-strengthen his muscle after the operation. 
This important post-operatory stage was offered as part of the operation and 
treatment, something we value as a responsible approach to Banjo's overall and long
term health. 

When we discuss the operation and stem cell therapy with
other dog owners who did not have their animals under the care of Menai
Vet, I was told that their dogs were not given physiotherapy or advice
to start exercising their dogs early and so the final outcome doesn't
seem to have been as good. We were also given valuable information on
the importance of regular exercise, proper diet and weight control so
that Banjo's condition remains under control. We are also grateful to
Kay and her team for their care and commitment to make the experience as
easy as possible for both: Banjo and us! 

Roxy and Paul Petersen.


On the third day, after being given some follow up treatment we were able to take our little girl home. We found the girls at Menai Animal Hospital very helpful, they kept in touch with us and we are very greatful to the staff at Menai Animal Hospital for their help and expertise.


From Narelle Spencer (Head Nurse)


If someone were to ask me why they should come to us and not go anywhere else, I think the first reason I could think of is that our staff are genuine animal lovers. From our vet, Kay, to our junior nurses, we all have pets and pride ourselves on taking care of your pet the way we would want our own pets looked after. We understand the bond you have with your pets, and encourage communication with our staff. We also encourage visits to hospitalised sick or injured pets providing it’s not distressing for them. Our team works in a very privileged environment with state of the art equipment at our finger tips. Our staff keep up to date with all new medical procedures through courses to ensure that your pets have the very best care. We provide an after hours nurse’s line so that we can advise you of treatment options in an emergency. There are many different personalities on our staff, and their wide variety of experience caters for everyone’s needs. If I were asked if I would come to us, I would say, most definitely. In fact I have been for the last 18 years, and am I happy with the service here. Well, I would trust my animals with anyone at Menai Animal Hospital, and that’s a fact.

Narelle Spencer (Head Nurse).


From Adrienne Anderson

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful care and kindness that you have given our dear cat Tosca over the years. We’ll always remember the amazing dedication and the effort that Kay put in when she was fighting to save Tosca’s eye all those years ago. In the end, the eye had to go but that really never stopped Tosca from leading a happy and healthy life ( except for those pesky urinary tract infections). Kay, your gentle and knowledgable treatment of Tosca during her various problems over the years was wonderful, we couldn’t have asked for better care.

It’s also been such a comfort to know that every time Tosca came into the surgery that she was greeted with fond recognition and affection by the staff. I guess that one-eyed look made her easy to remember, but I know you also recognised and appreciated Tosca’s squeaky voice and gentle ways.

Finally, thank you for letting us have that special, private time with Tosca.

Thanks again and best wishes

Adrienne Anderson



During this period, we have had two of our beloved pets under their care – Misty, our beautiful Boxer girl was the first. Misty was diagnosed with a heart problem and thanks to the professional and caring attention provided by Kay and her staff, we were able to have her with us for 8 years. I believe it was only this superior care and attention that allowed Misty such a long life, as we were advised by a specialist that we were likely only to have her with us for up to 5 years of age.

Our new Boxer puppy, Sharni, also has health problems. At two and a half years old, she is a regular visitor to the Animal Hospital – Kay and the nursing staff give her such very special care that she gets very excited at the prospect of a visit to her friends – she is always happy to see Kay, and the bond built between them works favourably for her treatment. The staff makes such a fuss of her, resulting in a stress free visit to the vet for Sharni, and acceptance of any procedure she may require.

The hospital itself is extremely well equipped – all the latest technology to ensure superior treatment for the patients is available at all times. The staff are knowledgeable and obviously keep up with all the latest medical procedures. We feel secure in the knowledge that whatever happens to our pets the very best of care and assistance is available to us at all times.

The ability to contact Kay and the staff is also of extreme importance to myself and my husband, and the after hours number provided allows us to contact a nurse should we require any advice and assistance. This is invaluable, and the reassurance that it gives to us when Sharni has a health problem outside the vet hours cannot not be measured. The complete professionalism, compassionate, caring and friendly service provided by the Menai Animal Hospital is second to none and we cannot recommend them highly enough.

~Stephen & Robyn Barrington
Barden Ridge


From Bill Claridge

When my wife and I came to live in Bangor twelve years ago, we asked our neighbours to recommend a good vet in the area. As directed, we brought our dog to Dr Kay at Menai Animal Hospital, and have been coming here ever since. Over those years our dog has required surgery and hospitalisation on a number of occasions, and we have found Kay to be an excellent vet, and her team of vet nurses could not have been more caring and helpful. I have been very well pleased with the outcome of all the surgical procedures, and most impressed with the friendly and professional service which has also extended to every vaccination and annual check-up. To Kay and her team of attentive, devoted and conscientious staff, I would like to say a heartfelt “Thank you”.

Bill Claridge



From Val Philip

I have been a client at Menai Animal Hospital for 20 years. I have British Bulldogs and I would not take my dogs to any other hospital as they have alwasy received the greatest of care. I have recommended this practice to many people.

Val Philip


From Sophie Kelvin

Dear Kay, Narelle, Jude and all the Vet nurses of Menai Animal Hospital.

Thank-you so much for treating me like the little princess I am. Please enjoy the chocolates and wine and make sure Jude gets an extra glass.

Lots of cuddles and licks, Sophie.

P.S. Mummy wrote this but I told her what to say. x x


From Patsy Mancell

To Everyone at Menai Animal Hospital
My husband said you are miracle workers after Simba, our 16 year old Burmese, breathing problems improved.
Patsy Mancell


From Bob Boyce & Bonnet Bay

Dear Dr Kay,

Thank you for effectively managing Fatcat’s diabetes. It’s been two years since he was diagnosed and he has never been better. He is enjoying life as only a cat can.


Bob Boyce
Bonnet Bay


From Luke and Janna Christie

Dear Dr Kay and all the staff members.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for all that your team has done for our ‘Sparkles’. You are all dedicated, compassionate people who understand the special bond between an owner and their pet!

I feel there are people like you that make a difference in this world! We are truly grateful for helping our little girl get better.

We will see you again soon.

Kind regards,

Luke and Janna Christie

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