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Google it – If you must Google here are 6 tips to make for safer web surfing.

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Let’s face it, we all do it. No matter how much we get told not to Google, in this new day & age its hard not to. So we thought we would post some helpful tips on how to avoid some of the more unhelpful advice thats given out there. Don’t forget your vet is also just a phone call away. Most vets don’t mind if you call with further questions or just to say i dont quite understand. We are here to help.

1. Make sure the advice comes from a veterinarianmonkey_computer_perry_hall_pc_repair

Writers can contribute fun & entertaining animal information, but for medical material, you want to be sure the author is a licensed practising veterinarian.


2. Check more than one source

When you read a piece of advice, even if it seems legitimate, find similar information from other veterinarians. You’ll find the best & most valuable information on many veterinarian’s websites.


3. Keep it classyrabbitexpert

Professionals don’t disparage other people. If there’s new & groundbreaking information, professionals will present the new facts in a way that doesn’t make anyone seem wrong. Be sceptical of any advice that tells you your veterinarian is doing something to hurt your pet.


4. Beware of catchy captions & information that feels like a tabloid headline

If the information seems incredible, listen to the alarm bells that sound in your mind.


5. Remember there are no checks & balances on the world wide web.

Information on the internet often isn’t peer-reviewed or run through any approval process, but veterinarians are bound to uphold professional standards & have reputations at stake. They are less likely to jeopardise their medical licenses by spreading untrue rumours or recommending unneeded serviced.


6. Phone a friend – as long as that friend is your own veterinarianDog with phone in mouth

If you have a question about something that you read on the internet, always ask your own veterinarian. Your veterinary team is happy to explain why we make the recommendations we make, & we’re able to make suggestions specific to your pet.

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