Puppy Play Day

Saturday 30th November

9am – 12 noon

Menai Animal Hospital & Perfect Puppies would like to invite you to come along to our puppy play day.

There will be:

  • Games
  • Guessing competitions
  • Zig Zag weaving poles
  • Agility equipment
  • Tunnels

Come along and have some fun. We would love for you to join us to socialize your puppy, catch up with old class mates or make new friends. All Puppies must be under 18months and kept on a collar and lead for their safety.

RSVP to  or call us.


Every year before Christmas we are visited by Santa Paws.

A great way to have a Christmas photo with the whole family!

Santa loves animals of all types and is happy to have all the family members join in.

Bookings are essential as the day is always full.

Our clients come back year after year to capture their entire family.

The date this year:   Saturday 30th November

Booking times from 9am to 12pm

Come and see us at Menai Marketplace

Narelle and Charmaine, along with some of their furry friends, will be down at Menai Marketplace, outside Big W, on Saturday the 21st of September. This time they will be talking about dental care.

Did you know that four out of every five dogs and cats over the age of three years have some sort of dental disease which may go unnoticed by their owners.  If dental disease is left untreated it becomes more severe.  Bacteria from the mouth gets into the bloodstream and is transported to the heart, liver and kidney which can lead to serious illnesses.   Most pets won’t show if they have tooth pain or a sore mouth and will keep on eating (often chewing on other side of mouth).  Therefore it is important to get your pets teeth examined regularly with an annual dental health check.  Things to watch out for at home include:

  • Bad breathDental disease
  • Red and inflamed gums
  • Stained teeth (tartar)
  • Pet eating on one side
  • Pet dropping food when they are eating

If you see any of these signs then it is time for a dental health check.

GreeniesDuring the month of August we are offering free pet dental health checks.  Our nurses will do a thorough assessment of your pets teeth and gums and give you advice as to whether your pet needs a dental and things you can do at home to help look after their teeth and gums.  We are also giving away Greenies with each dental check.  So give us a call and book your FREE Pet Dental Health Check today.

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