Owning a Pet Benefits Your Health

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Owning a Pet Benefits Your Health

Owning a is fun and pleasurable, but most people are unaware of the positive benefits when owning a furry friend. Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird or even that goldfish in your living room, they all play a part in many of our daily lives and help both our emotional and physical needs.

 Relieves stress and anxiety

Whether your stressed out from work, relationships, friends or anything life throws at you, be assured that your pet will never judge you and will be there for support even though they have no idea why you’re upset. Stroking a pet has been proven as an antidote to stress; with researchers finding that people talking to and petting a dog have lower blood pressure than when they interact with another person.

Increases happiness and well-being

Let’s face it, who isn’t happy when they see those smiling faces waiting for you at the door when you get home from work? The presence of a pet is positive for our emotional well-being and enhancing our emotions like, happiness, laughter and compassion. Even when we have a bad day, coming home and seeing those wagging tails puts a big smile on our face.

Exercise, weight loss and motivation

With the growing concern of obesity in both Adults and children, the remedy could be simpler than you think. Australian research shows those who own a dog are more active and outgoing than those who don’t, improving their overall health status. Taking your dog for a walk every day not only gives you a purpose and a responsibility, but deceases your chance of weight gain and obesity dramatically.  Owning a pet can also increase family bonding time, giving children a more positive outlook on life and increases their well-being.

Responsibility for Kids

Owning pets are an integral part of Australian childhood. I’m sure everyone remembers the feeling of joy and excitement the day they brought their first pet home. Although research shows that families with children are more likely to own a pet, people of all ages feel happy when a pet is around. For children, pets are more than a playmate and best friend, but also play a beneficial role in a child’s development. Unfortunately, adolescent teens experience feelings of stress, boredom, despair and depression. However, studies show these signs were decreased significantly when owning a pet. Pets can teach children social and nurturing skills which in turn can reduce stress and loneliness.

Less lonely/elderly

Just like children, owning a pet can have a positive outlook for people. In particular, those who live in a nursing home or aged care facility show a positive reaction to assistance dogs or companion dogs brought in to interact with them. Not only is there a lift in the atmosphere, but people interact more and seem to be having fun. Those who still live in their own home have the luxury of owning a pet which can provide a sense of comfort while helping those who feel lonely or are in despair.


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