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With in-house radiology, pathology, ECG and other speciality diagnostic equipment; Menai Animal Hospital is uniquely prepared to diagnose and understand all of your pets issues in order to always provide the best treatment options and to fix your pet’s problems.


Ranging from admissions into our state of the art hospital facilities with our caring nurses to our safe and peaceful boarding environment, we strive to provide your pets with the best care and support available.


Our treatment does not stop with surgery, we provide extensive rehabilitation services and information in order to aid your pets recovery to the best of our ability, including physical exercises and stretches, photonic light acupuncture and laser treatment.


Keeping up with the latest surgical techniques, we are able to provide the most successful and cost-effective options for both routine and emergency procedures. Our vet does keyhole surgery and uses secret sewing so your pet will recover faster.

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Happy vet visit

How to create low-stress veterinary visits for cats

 The ominous hissing, the mournful meows, the defensive scratching or biting, the upset bowels—feline stress is just plain unpleasant for cats and you. Many cats get stressed when it’s time for a veterinary visit. Thankfully, there are ways to help cats relax and enjoy the ride—yes, even in the car. Here’s what you can do.

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2015 Menai District Business Awards

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Its that time of year again and Menai Animal Hospital is in the running. We have won our category 2 years in a row, help us win it a third! Simply  CLICK HERE to vote or pop on in to collect a form and say hi. We are competing in the Animal Services Category.

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Cat likes glass

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Dear Mindy, “My cat often goes up onto her hind legs and scratches at glass doors, windows and mirrors. I’m not sure what this means? I’ve opened the door for her to go out, but she doesn’t want to. I have 2 cats and one of them does it all the time and yet the

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From our elderly gentlemen to our inseparable rescues, along with ever tolerant Coco the pug, Menai Animal Hospital has provided individualised and highly specialised care to our menagerie. Veterinary attention is always extremely prompt, thorough and up to date. Holiday makers can drop feline friends off for a resort stay! What a great community practice for all creatures great & small.



( with Coco the pug, Zazu, Anthony and the ever-growing family of beautiful cats )

Dr Kay and all the wonderful vet nurses treat our puppies like their family, they know their names and always want cuddles, making our babies feel special. We have been coming to Dr Kay's for 16 years, and would not go anywhere else, even my master 6 wants to see Dr Kay and the nurses when he is sick!



( with Clover & Pearl )

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